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Knowledge blocks is a new type of data analysis software that is designed for non-technical business professionals. The intuitive system helps you create complex queries without having SQL knowledge or requiring IT support. The system presents you with 3 basic building blocks (Filter, Logical and Result). Using drag and drop, building blocks can be added to a document to analyse data.

Visual query editor: Knowledge blocks provides you with a powerfull query editor. Filter blocks are used to define filter criteria on individual table columns. The color coding assigned to filter blocks is visible throughout the entire document, allowing the user to easily identify which filters are active on result blocks. Complex filtering can be created by connecting 2 or more filter blocks using a logical block.

Present query results in different formats: Knowledge blocks provides three types of result blocks to present data.
Users can attach multiple result blocks to defined filters, refine the filter and attach further result blocks.
  1. Summary result block: displays 1 or more aggregations based on database columns combined with text.
  2. Detail result block: displays results, with or without aggregations, in tabular form.
  3. Parallel sets block: used to visualize and interactively explore categorical data.
  4. Treemap block: used to display hierarchical data.

Database relationship designer: Database relationships can be challenging to non-technical users. Knowledge blocks identifies and imports all relevant database relationships. Using the library designer, users can edit existing and create new relationships. The table relationship information is used by the system when connecting and configuring blocks to ensure that only valid queries are generated.

Connect to different sources: Knowledge blocks allows you to connect to different databse systems. The current version supports.
  1.  Microsoft SQL Server
  2.  Microsoft Access Database
  3.  Microsoft Excel files
  4.  Text files
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