Database Retriever
Data analysis made easy!

Databse Retriever is an easy to use drag and drop data analysis tool. It allows connections to Oracle and MS Access Databases and MS Excel sheets. Once connected you choose a table or query.

The data is aggregated in a tree view in the left pane and the details are presented in a table view in the right pane. The order of the tree nodes corresponds to the order of the columns in the right pane... which can be changed by dragging and dropping columns in the right pane.

The tree nodes show the distinct values (date columns canalso be grouped by year, quarter, month, day, hour, minute and second) of the correesponding column and how often the value occurs. If the following column is a number column, then the minimum, maximum, average and sum of the value are also shown.

The folowing screenshot shows the profit and number of sales in each product category in each quarter.

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